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Hello! My name is Aaron, though I've gone by a number of handles over the years -- ixnayokay, Chaos Window, tegeturas, Apathogen. I'm a digital artist focused on math art and photography.

Some of my favorite subjects are fractals, cellular automata, and number theory. There's something so beautiful about the ways numbers fit together and manifest in our world, so I strive to both explore that and make it accessible for other people to see and enjoy.

My favorite photography subject is nature -- exploring its appeal and diversity, as well as its connection to the world of math. I enjoy capturing landscapes, astrophotography, macro/textures, shapes without context, and clouds. I've enjoyed making what I call "photomod" -- digital art made using photos as a starting material.

Some of my inspirations include Douglas Hofstadter, Stephen Wolfram, and John Cage. I hope to one day prove Gilbreath's conjecture.

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