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Outputs That Never Were

The Zoologic algorithm is capable of generating diverse outputs -- many with combinations of features that never came up during the course of minting. There were quite a few I saw in the course of development that were interesting, and I'd like to make available the experience of continued exploration and discovery. Use this page to explore the full space of the algo --  and enjoy!

Note - this page doesn't include full-screen functionality. To see the canonical outputs that include this ability, head over the official collection on the Art Blocks site: 

Click the container and press [A] to fill the container.

Press [S] to save an image.

Press [H] to view the help menu.

Refresh the page for a new output.

Find a cool one and want to share? I'd love to see it!

Record a video and share it on Twitter with @ixnayokay using hashtag #zoologic

Recording Video on OS X

Recording Video on Windows

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